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Alegria Premium

All new buildings in Spain from +220 companies-developers. Sales directly from developers.

About the company

Alegria is a group of companies in Spain: a real estate agency, developer, and service center. The company has been operating since 2011 and has 12 sales offices in Costa Blanca and Valencia. At the moment, 125 people work in the state of Alegria. More than 70 real estate professionals serve clients in 20 languages.

Alegria specializes in the sale of primary and secondary real estate, the construction of housing and apart-hotels from economy to business class, the rental and management of real estate, and also provides all types of services in the field of immigration, insurance, studies, paperwork in Spain, etc.

Alegria Premium is Alegria's luxury real estate division, representing the most complete and up-to-date database of new build properties in Spain. "Alegria Premium" brings together 220+ leading property developers with a proven track record. We constantly update the catalog of properties and keep in touch with developers in Spain. We have an extensive archive of videos of new properties at our disposal, so we respond to customer requests as quickly as possible.

01 United base

Get access to a single database of new buildings in Spain - all properties from developers of the coast in a single catalog Alegria Premium.

02 +220 development - companies

Choose among more than +3700 new buildings in Spain. Alegria Premium brings together 220 property developers in Spain.

03 Buy with no developer fees

All offers presented in Alegria Premium are direct from the developers. You avoid hidden fees and do not pay any commissions.

Alegria Premium

YAN VAYNRUCH general partner,
ceo of alegria

We have been working on the Spanish construction market since 2011, acting as a developer with our own product "Alegria", also working in partnership with more than 220 companies-developers. We have a detailed knowledge of the market and are the first to know about the best properties and special offers on the Spanish construction market. Alegria Premium offers an extensive catalog of new homes in Spain as well as a comfortable customer service, to which we pay special attention..

In 2019 we became the grand prize winner of the "Best builder" as part of the Alicante.Expert Awards.
we are the first to know about the best new properties in spain Alegria Premium

Our clients do not need to apply to a multitude of development companies in order to find the right property - we have a single database of properties and will select for you options according to your criteria. In Alegria Premium you will receive a complete package of legal, consultancy and real estate services throughout the purchase of real estate and immigration.


Full legal support when buying a property in Spain, assistance in obtaining a visa and residence permit.
Only the latest offers of new buildings in Spain with flexible payment terms.
Discounts and bonuses from developers: free home insurance, home appliances and furniture packages, discounts on education of children, etc.

Our services

We provide full-service in the purchase of real estate and investments in Spain in new construction.
We solve immigration issues and accompany you in the process of obtaining a residence permit and a Golden Visa for investments over $500,000. Alegria Premium immigration lawyers work with you to help with the preparation and submission of documents for a long-term visa and obtaining a residence permit in Spain.
Legal services We will provide full legal support in the process of your purchase of a new building in Spain. Alegria Premium specialists will explain the terms of the contract with the builder, ensure compliance with its clauses and conduct the transaction with legal clarity.
Concierge service The Alegria Premium Concierge Service is at your disposal to help you in matters relating to the purchase of the property and your stay in Spain: transfers, interpreters, assistance during viewings, etc.

Scheme of work with us

You make an application

You leave the request on our site or contact us by phone. We specify your wishes for search of the real estate and give consultation on purchase.

Select property options

We select the property in accordance with your criteria, providing detailed information about the objects, developers, delivery dates and the system of calculation.

We meet you in Spain

For your comfort, we help with the selection of apartments in Spain (rental department specialists will work with you), meet you at the airport and provide transfer.

Organize a tour of the facilities

Personal manager works with you. We arrange viewings of properties, providing you with the most up to date offers until you decide on your choice.

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